Intelligent Engineering

Intelligent EngineeringInstalcom Intelligent Engineering

The Instalcom approach to Innovation, New Technology Innovation and Continuous Improvement emanates from the outputs of various management processes, systems and procedures designed to drive sustainable efficiency into all aspects of Instalcom. Our commitment to continuous improvement is driven by our aspiration to be recognised as one of the UK’s leading Civil Engineering and Utility Contractors. We continue to align our core business aspirations with our clients’ strategic business goals to deliver high quality value for money services better than any of our contemporaries. Our focus is to achieve year on year betterment in the value of our service, reduction in its delivery cost and enhancement to our safety, environmental and customer service performance. Our people are our greatest asset and creating the right environment for them to be innovative and to continuously improve as individuals with the business recognising, harnessing and developing their knowledge is essential to delivering both business and people objectives.

Implementing Knowledge Management offers tangible benefits to every business no matter what size or role in the industry and facilitates the introduction of Best Practice on a wider delivery basis creating best value for customers. Effective strategies are needed to successfully capture and utilise the knowledge. Our continuous improvement and innovation management processes are driven by the Board of Directors down and led by Senior Managers whose responsibility is to ensure that the process is fully understood and embraced by the staff and that the key roles are assigned to individuals who are empowered to influence and drive initiatives at the local level. The process is managed locally, supported from the centre and individuals rewarded via an incentive scheme. For example, the induction process used for new employees to the company is managed by the central team whereas the application of the Project induction process is managed by the Project Manager, in conjunction with client counterparts as part of the project induction procedures.

Trenchless Solutions

Instalcom in collaboration with Group company O’Connor Utilities Ltd (OCU) has established an envious reputation across the utilities industry in the provision of trenchless technologies and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) installations, where OCU has developed with its supply chain partners innovative technologies and construction methodologies, leading to cost saving proposals adopted by many clients with OCU appointed as the Main Contractor, and in many instances also engaged as Tier 2 to many of the UK’s leading construction companies on major infrastructure projects. OCU have made a considerable investment in plant, equipment and people to create an in-house HDD capability that provides OCU and Group company Instalcom with a distinct differentiator to our competitors, which has become widely respected across the Power, Water, Telecoms, Gas & Oil and Rail sectors.