Scope of Work

  1. Replace the existing mains and all the services of 4 DMAs
    within the Chatham area
  2. 90% non-dig techniques used: directional drilling and slip line
  3. Delivered 4 months ahead of the Morrison Utility Services
  4. Extension to scope of works completed within original timescale


  1. Densely Populated
  2. Narrow Streets
  3. Varying levels of topography
  4. Large Percentage of AC Mains & Galvanised Services  High level of Theft

Actions Solutions

  1. Daily Liaison with local residents regarding works
  2. On site Traffic Management Support
  3. Daily Liaison with local residents regarding works
  4. Hand Dig technique where required to Existing AC Mains
  5. Containment of fluids on site from Directional Drilling Works
  6. Safe removal of Site fluid via Tanker
  7. On site security containers