Trenchless Solutions

Trenchless Solutions

In order to address the need to extend the life of assets as well as install new utilities with the increasing environmental restraints we recognised the need to invest in both no dig and rehabilitation techniques. This process as far as practical avoids the disruption of open trench techniques particularly in city centres and urban environments as well as being necessary to overcome railways, rivers, estuary’s, highways, canals, SSI’s etc.

The trenchless solutions involve the rehabilitation of existing underground utilities such as water, sewer, storm, gas and electrical conduits as well as the installation of new underground infrastructures.

Trenchless Solutions Services include:

•    Pipe bursting

•    Micro-tunneling

•    Pipe ramming

•    Pipe jacking

•    Pipe rehabilitation, lining etc.

•    Directional Drilling

•    Timber heading Shaft Construction

•    Tunneling

The technology uses methods that minimise the construction impacts normally associated with the conventional open cut construction methods and benefits include:

•    Reduced impact on the environment
•    Overcome sensitive sites such as areas of national or scientific importance.
•    Safer site to manage given the reduced working area.
•    Reduction in the imported material for backfill and pipe bedding.
•    The minimal trench improves longevity of the restatement
•    Minimises noise impact and construction traffic
•    Reduces cost by avoiding existing services or where deep excavations are required

Instalcom provide a site survey, feasibility and design service for each drill to assess the ground conditions, obstructions, existing services, length etc and confirm the feasibility of the proposed drill and environmental impact.

A drilling solution is then specified and with our experienced drillers the required service is installed.

Directional Drilling provides the most flexible option for larger diameter no dig requirements and the Company has taken a lead in developing safe and accurate directional drilling plant and expertise.
We offer a wide range of alternatives to suit the size and length of drill required and we continually invest in rigs and the current fleet owned by the Company is:

•    1 x 15 tonne rig for up to 200mm ducts over 250m
•    2 x 20 tonne rigs for up to 200mm ducts over 350m
•    1 x 30 tonne rig for up to 200mm ducts over 400m or 355mm pipelines over 100m
•    1 x 40 tonne rig for up to 200mm ducts over 600m or 400mm pipelines over 300m
•    1 x 45 tonne rig for up to 200mm ducts over 900m or 600mm pipelines over 500m
•    1 x 110 tonne rig for up to 200mm ducts over 1,400m or 900mm pipelines over 700m
•    1 x 400 tonne rig for 200mm plus Ducts for pipelines 2000m

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Trenchless Solutions