Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Instalcom is committed to deliver safely and responsibility to our clients and in safeguarding the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, supply chain partners and the communities in which we work to complete our operations, to include the support of all stakeholders to ensure we meet their specific needs ensuring our business is conducted according to ethical, professional and legal standards.

We have implemented a number of CSR initiatives across the company to include those outlined below and remain proactive in seeking to participate in new programmes with our clients, local communities and all stakeholders to enhance their experience when engaging with Instalcom.

Living WageCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Instalcom Living Wage employer
We are members of the Living Wage Foundation and committed to ensuring employees receive a fair day’s pay for their hard work completed for Instalcom and our valued clients.  

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Creating valued partnerships
Instalcom’s focus is on our intent to proactively increase the recruitment channels we use, to ensure that diverse gender, BAME, LGBT and disabled potential candidates are aware of employment opportunities, and that barriers to entry are eliminated. These channels are integrated into our Recruitment Management Plan.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

EDI in the workplace
Our vision for EDI is for the behaviour of the company and our employees excludes any bias against the Equality Act 2010’s protected characteristics to be exhibited. As part of implementing that vision we are enhancing our EDI initiatives, processes and procedures. This enhancement has been partly driven by our recognition of the diversity issues within civil engineering, as highlighted by the Institution of Civil Engineers and its Action Plan.


Mobility enabled building
Our Head Office has been designed so that we can eliminate any challenges for our disabled visitors. This includes the instalment of a lift suitable for wheelchair use. Instalcom are also developing a physically challenged support policy for employees who are experiencing long term permanent physical impairment through illness or injury. A member of our staff who experienced a long-term physical condition benefited from the policy, he highlighted to us how the support we provided to him and his family aided his recovery and return to work.

Instalcom actively seek to engage diverse labour and unemployed groups (Including Ex-services personnel)
We are continually looking to enhance opportunities for recruiting ex-service personnel, in which we already have an establish record. 7% of our current workforce are ex-services personnel. Instalcom believe that we have a moral obligation to ex-members of the armed forces and their families. We already advertise online with The Career Transition Partnership (CTP), the official provider of Armed Forces resettlement. They support leavers from the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and the Royal Marines at any rank, with resettlement support, career transition advice and training opportunities. We have also employed a number of Military Veterans through the charity Building Heroes during the year. Building Heroes provides skills training and support into employment in the building trades.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)









Women returners
Instalcom fully supports the return to work for women and our recruitment policy and related procedures are gender neutral as recruitment is based on the individual’s skills, knowledge and competence to complete the job applied for. Female applicant’s status as a mother or prospective mother is not a barrier to employment with Instalcom, and as such, we avoid asking probing questions into their family life or future plans to have children, and all jobs are offered based on the applicant’s perceived ability to successfully complete the job.

We value our female workers and therefore aim to make our employee’s return to work after maternity leave as smooth as possible. We do so by discussing the plans with them as soon as we are notified of their pregnancy. We respect all employee’s choices with regards to how much of their maternity leave they decide to take but at the same time we encourage them to use the full 52 weeks entitlement if they wish as we believe this is the best option for the mother and baby.

Similarly, we encourage employee’s on maternity leave to use up to 10 ‘Keeping in Touch’ (KIT) days during their maternity leave. KIT days are optional, however we find them useful as it gives us the opportunity to update the employees on current projects and any changes that may have taken place during their leave and we have found that mothers have found them useful too as it allows them to ‘keep in the loop’, making their return to work feel less stressful.