Instalcom introduced its “Mindset” initiative which is linked to our behavioural safety programme in 2018.

We reinvigorated our programme in 2019 recognising the importance of maintaining focus on this key area to ensure our people remained engaged and demonstrate commitment from our Board and the business.

We also recognised that excellence is achieved by making safety a core value and by creating a coaching community which sustains a generative culture.

Mindset• Be fit for work

• Drive with care

• Understand today’s job

• Have the right information

• Assess the risks

• Have the right skills

• Use the right equipment

• Wear the right PPE

• Make sites safe and secure

• Report things if they go wrong

• Ask questions if you are not sure

• Behave respectfully

These 12 key points now form the basis of the programme and each topic is an area of monthly focus that we address throughout the calendar year. The Programme is delivered by our in-house team lead by our Head of Performance and Development, and reaches all staff from operative to Director with the aim to make safety a core value of the business and not just a priority.